Sales Execution Tracker

Sales Execution Tracker facilitates real-time and detailed analysis of field execution activities of all sales manager via a centralized server, in order to automatically compute and present actionable information and statistics.
Field Execution Tracking Application (FETA) is a reporting utility, used by sales representatives of "PZ Cussons Consumer" for submission of sales reports and statistical analysis.

App. Features:

Facilitates capturing and reporting of: Share-of-shelf, Must-stock-listing, Products prominence, Feedback and remarks, Photos before & after the sale-reps activities.
Automatically detects and prevents duplicate images reporting.
Tags reports with detected GPS Location address to ensure integrity of reporting store or outlet location.
Supports adding of new stores/outlets.
Motivates sales reps. performance improvement through quantitative (%) progress feedback of daily achievements in report-submissions.
Supports offline reporting mode by queuing submissions to be automatically synchronized to the server when network is later available.
Supports browsing, filtering submitted reports (by product-category, outlet/location, timeframe..).
Facilitates competitiveness between sales reps through reports and performance comparison.
Supports Guest/customers feedback reporting.
This system comprehensively catalogs stores/outlets, territories, areas, regions and their reports; to allow instantly exportation of actionable statistics and information.

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